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Hello world, after years of contemplating I have finally decided to continue and re-establish my platform Simplyunrestricted, so please bear with me and keep in mind that I am a beginner. I am an aspiring writer, humanist and Afrocentric to the bone. Nubian from the river Nile of Southern Sudan and simplicity is what I live for. 



“Ever notice makeover shows on TV, how the black woman has natural hair (coarse, coily, kinky, or curly) in the ugly “before” picture, and in the pretty “after” picture, somebody’s taken a hot piece of metal and singed her hair straight? Some black women, AB and NAB, would rather run naked in the street than come out in public with their natural hair. Because you see, it’s not professional, sophisticated, whatever, it’s just not damn normal. ”
-Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. “Americanah.”


Why You Should Date Someone Who Scares the S*** Out of You, A List — Shan Tell’em


I often hear the comparison of an amorous relationship to a job: it’s work. And with your dream career or any job you want to keep, you show up, do your best and get rewarded with money, health benefits, PTO, accolades, experiences, a 401k, a corner office, a growing salary, etc. And if you’re really really fortunate, this work is also fulfilling; it’s challenging. It gives you a sense of purpose. It allows you the freedom to bring your unique ideas to the table. You feel appreciated, supported and welcomed. It enhances other parts of your life. The great days far outnumber the not so good. And it would take some time to adjust if you suddenly lost that job or got demoted, right? For many, that’s a scary thought.

The same should go for a healthy partnership; although they’re ofttimes not portrayed to be nearly as valuable as a…

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Free Blogging tools every beginner should have — So AfroChic!

When starting out with nothing, you have to find whatever resource available to you. I love that these tools are free! It’s like they were created for me! 1.Canva A great app for all your graphic needs. This is one app I would never delete on my mobile because it simplifies things for me. Here […]

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“Black lives matter is the new KKK”

Tomi Lahren is a controversial Republican known for her biased journalism and speaking out against the black lives matter movement with the intent of criticizing African Americans. Most of her comments for an example “Black lives matter is the new KKK” are seen as prejudice and racists by minorities on social media.

The black lives matter rights movement was established in order to help advocate for African-Americans who have suffered police brutality, injustice and inequality but yet Tomi compares the BLM to the KKK.The KKK is a group/organization that is solely based on hate towards minorities and the belief in white supremacy, historically speaking the KKK in the past was created to oppress African Americans by the acts of committing terrorism that consisted of lynching and murder of blacks in the south.

In my opinion, I believe that her comments/opinions are somewhat ignorant due to the fact that she doesn’t seem to understand or take the time to allow others who disagree with her opinion to explain themselves or see their point of view. Tomi was recently invited for an interview on the Trevor Noah show, what caught my attention was her comment “I don’t see color” and “what did the KKK do?” yet she contradicted herself on many occasions during the interview by generalizing blacks into one category.